Album Discography
Doc Holliday - 1981
Doc Holliday Rides Again - 1981
Modern Medicine - 1983
Danger Zone - 1986
Song for the Outlaw - Live - 1989
Son of the Morning Star - 1993
Legacy - 1996
The Damascus Road-(Bruce Brookshire solo) - 2001
A Better Road - 2001
Good Time Music - 2003
Gunfighter - The Best of the '90s - 2003
Rebel Souls - 2006
25 Absolutely Live - 2008
From The Vault - 2011
Artist Biography by Tom Demalon  on the website
Although they shared the stage with some of the bigger names during Southern rock's '70s heyday, Doc Holliday never quite managed to reach that level, but has managed to make a name for itself with fans of the genre. The band's origin can be traced back to 1971 when guitarist and lead singer Bruce Brookshire formed a blues band called Roundhouse with his brother. By the end of the decade, Roundhouse had gained the attention of Molly Hatchet's manager, setting into play circumstances that would see the band, now rechristened Doc Holliday, secure a deal with A&M Records in 1980. Featuring a lineup of Brookshire, guitarist Rick Skelton, keyboard player Eddie Stone, bass player John Samuelson, and drummer Herman Nixon, their self-titled debut was released the following year. They continued to cultivate an audience with the follow-up, Doc Holliday Rides Again, sharing bills with acts ranging from Black Sabbath and Loverboy to Gregg Allman and Molly Hatchet. However, working with producer Mack (Billy Squier, Queen) for their third album, Modern Medicine, proved to exacerbate tensions within the group. The resulting album, which saw the group try and incorporate early '80s rock into its sound, failed miserably, costing Doc Holliday its record deal and causing the band to split up. However, they would reunite for 1986's Danger Zone (which found them returning to their roots) and continue to record and tour throughout the '80s and into the '90s, although most of the band's focus would shift to European markets that were proving to be more receptive during this period. In 1999, their first three albums were re-released, including their first-time issuances on CD. Brookshire released a solo album, The Damascus Road, in 2001, which was a departure to an acoustic-based record that reflected his burgeoning Christian beliefs. However, as the common thread, Brookshire continued to keep Doc Holliday together and the group released A Better Road later that same year.
Article by Michael Liminos on the website
Bruce Brookshire and his brother Bob started a blues band called Roundhouse. A deal was then reached with A&M, who felt a new name was needed that matched the band’s hard-driving Southern sound. Again the group agreed completely and the name “Doc Holliday” was chosen overwhelmingly by the listeners of a special call-in radio show which had been organized in the band’s home town.  
Doc Holliday was from Georgia where Southern rock began with the legendary Allman Brothers Band. In 1981 their debut album DOC HOLLIDAY entered the Billboard Rock LPs chart in the top 30. The second album DOC HOLLIDAY RIDES AGAIN was released at the end of 1981 to critical acclaim. It contains the Southern rock classic ‘Lonesome Guitar’, a song in the tradition of Lynyrd Skynyrd's ‘Freebird’.
In the early days, the band played close to 200 shows a year with Black Sabbath, Molly Hatchet, Charlie Daniels, Outlaws, Gregg Allman, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Blackfoot, April Wine, Pat Travers, Dixie Dregs, Johnny Van Zant, Point Blank and more. In 1983 the band released their third album MODERN MEDICINE. After some time off, the group was reformed for the 1986 European release DANGER ZONE. In 1989 they released their fifth album SONG FOR THE OUTLAW-LIVE, followed by the band's first major tour of Europe. The next album was SON OF THE MORNING STAR in 1993. During this time the band played shows with Blackfoot, U.F.O., Quiet Riot, Nazareth, Foghat, Dr. Hook, and others. Doc Holliday started the year 2000 in style with a show in Berlin, a part of the largest New Year’s Eve party in the world, with an estimated 2.5 million people in attendance. In 2006 released REBEL SOULS, a collection of cover songs from diverse sources like The Beatles, The Marshall Tucker Band and Bad Company. The 30th Anniversary/Farewell Tour of Europe in June of 2011 saw a revitalized, stripped-down quartet performing in Europe. At the same time released the band's final CD "From The Vault". .